Gifts to our serving members of the military, fire brigade and police

Published on: April 8th 2018
I am very pleased to have the job of a bladesmith. I started my training at the age of 13 under my father. so I have the honor of carrying his extensive experience as well as his father's, my grandfather's, experience of bladesmithing technique. My grandfather made knives for the troopers and cavalry at WWI. My father for the military serving in Korea and Vietnam. Myself for made knives for military personnel serving in Gulf I and II, Afghanistan and other unknown operations which are classified. 

The picture to the right is from a knife recently given to an Australian Army member.

I give away a knife with a sheath system to some members of the military. I list the Commander, Opo and Karacal below that I gave as gifts to some people that contacted me. These 12 knives represent 15 years of support for some lucky members of the military, fire brigard and police. I have to say that unfortunately, I cannot support every serving member with a free knife, because then I would be out of business. But I support them as best as I can, when I can. I don't hear of many bladesmiths giving this kind of support to the serving military and I am very pleased to do this and in doing so carrying on with my family tradition.

These are the knives I have given away in the last 15 years:

Commander #2Commander #3Commander #5Commander #11Commander #23Commander #24Commander #29
Opo #3, Opo #6, Opo #19, Opo #33
Karacal #2

This represents quite an investment on my part, but I know the people that received these knives invest even more doing their service to us.