• Dragon knife

    25 cm blade, C23 powder metalurgical forged steel, dragon and fullers chissel cut into the blade, stainless steel habaki and spacer, stainless steel bolster, ferrel and sabre handle fittings, ebony handle with stainless steel wire inlay grip, stipple worked with chissel (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Fighting pair

    25 cm forged O2 blade, stainless steel habaki and spacer, O2 forge blued box guard, desert ironwood handle, O2 forge blued butcap, colored spacers, matched pair (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Renaissance dagger

    15 cm random damast blade, fuller and decorative drill work, gold washer, blued ring guard, gold washers, mamuth ivory handle with gold inlay wire, butcap is blued steel with file work, reconstruction of a Renaissance poisson dagger, with authentic braddle point
  • Bowie 2

    (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Bowie with hamon

    (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Yakatan 2

    (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Sinobe tanto

  • Shield maiden

    23cm blade gun blued, full tang from 15N20 and 1:2842. Six bar basket weave. Gun blued guard, rose and butcap with shamballah pattern. 24 karat gold plated stainless steel 'habaki', ivory handle and with micarta spacer. The handle has been scrimshawed beautifully by Grégory Delaunay with shield maiden and dragon and their reflections in the water (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Bowie 5

    Bowie 27cm W2 water quenched blade. Stainless steel fittings, ATN coated, stabilized burl wood handle. Sheath by Kenny/Cody Rowe.
  • Basket weave knife

    21 cm, 6 bar intermittent twist blade from 15N20 and 2842. The Anglo-Saxon basket weave pattern is similar to the Saex patterns in the British Museum (registration numbers: 18948/387; AL 116775; 18567/11408. Twist guard, rose and butcap, 24 karat gold hard plated washer and desert ironwood handle. Tooled leather sheath made by Kenny Rowe (Photograph: H. Brons)

  • Blue bird

    (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Yakatan

    43 cm total length, blade length 30 cm, sandwich O1 with 15N20 and wrought iron Damascus/pattern welded. Wrought iron bolster. Figured maple handle. Leather pin-lock sheath with ray skin and kydex lining by Kenny Rowe (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Bowie 1

    30 cm blade, sandwich O1 with 15N20 and O1. Damascus/pattern welded guard, rose and butcap. Desert ironwood handle. Tooled pin-lock leather sheath with kydex lining by Kenny Rowe (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • S-guard bowie

    (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Early bowie

    O1 blade with hamon, 30 cm long, hidden full tang, stainless steel spacer, guard and butcap. Mircata and English walnut handle.
  • Martin's bowie

    31 cm, nine bar hering bone twist, full tang. With 18 karat gold spacer, guard and ferrel. 304 stainless steel ferrel with file work. Butcap with file work with a stabilized buck eyed burl handle.
  • Bowie 3

    15N20 and 5200, 120 layer random ladder blade, 30.5 cm long with full tang. Guard, finger guard and butt cap 203E and 1095 twist, 14 karat gold washer between blade and guard, 14 karat gold initial disc. Stabilized double died black and brown buck eye burl handle (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Camp knife combination

    1:1545 tool steel with 'hamon', 30 cm blade and full tang. Stainless steel spacer and nickel silver guard and butt cap. micarta and stabilized fire walnut handle. Matching small knife, 7 cm long with full tang. Stainless steel spacer, nickel silver guard and butt cap. Black micarta and stabilized fire walnut handle. Slim profile to allow for low angle of cut in dressing of game (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Bowie combination

    (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Bowie 4

    W1 25 cm blade with hamon and hidden full tang. Stainless steel spacer, guard, spacer ferrel, rose and butcap. With file work on rose. Double-died buck eyed burl stabilized handle. Won "Best of Show" award at the IMA 2002 and won "Best leather and knife combination" at the Spirit of Steel Show 2003 in Texas (US).
  • Bowie 7

  • Hunter 5

    13 cm random damast, stainless steel soldered to the blade, random damast bolster and butcap, figured wood and mamuth ivory handle with black spacers (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Hunter 6

    8 cm random damast, with brass/copper mokume guard and butcap, stainless steel spacer soldered to the guard, reindeer horn and black spacers handle (Photograph: H. Brons)
  • Hunter 12

    (Photograph: H. Brons)