• Kydex 1

    Kydex sheath

    It is very important to have a good fitting sheath for your knife. It keeps the knife safe and it keeps the knife with you. So you can use it! The knife gets used, the knife gets put back in the sheath. You will see the system I have developed over time in this section.  First picture is the sheath with below it a dismountable belt mount with a TacLock attached. All the parts on the sheaths and the attachments are riveted together. You cannot change it. The fourth picture is of a female MOLEs fork. the fifth is a picture of the belt attachment atached to the sheath. The sheath has a loop to hold an emergeny fire sparker. Only to be used in case of emergency.  The sixth picture is the dropleg with a laced-on sheath to make it as  light as possilbe on the leg. The next pictures are of a hog sheath. 

    Why riveted together?

    Because things don't fall off when you don' need it to like so many sheaths of other sheath makers. I use a practical fast changing system which changes in the field from belt, to MOLEs to drop leg quickly.
    That is why I ended upmaking my own kydex sheaths. These ridiculous notions of a 'mission specific'  sheath is outrageous and does not work in the real world. Would you rather change the sheath effeciently and quickly in 10 seconds or spend time in the field unscrewing bits of the sheaths? It is completely ridiculous. The final picture of  leather sheaths I used to use years ago, but from practical feedback from my users I know now that it is not at all practical for using in the field and therefore I strongly recommend you do not use this type of sheath with my knives!! What looks nice with kydex and leather and little pouches and fire steel holders falls off and becomes loose because the leather will get damp and will stretch, decay and smell. It maybe ok for a Sunday sheath, but for real long term outdoor activities this does not work at all!
  • Kydex 2

    Kydex sheath

    This is a fixed kydex drop belt sheath. The retaining plate on the back has a riveted large TacLock. The three screws holding the plate on are hardened and are locktighted to stop them from unscrewing. It has a lanyard secondary safety to stop loss of the knife and an emergency belt loop for a fire starter. 
  • Kydex 3

    Black kydex sheath

    This is a fixed drop belt sheath in black kydex. Riveted belt loop plus emergeny fire sparker holder.
  • Kydex 4

    Kydex sheath (small knife)

    This is a fixed drop belt riveted TacLock, emergency fire steel holder with secondary safety.
  • Kydex 5

    Kydex sheath 

    Back plate large modular mounting system for drop belt and MOLEs. Last picture shows female mount with MOLEs fork. With emergency fire steel holder.
  • Kydex 6

    Kydex sheath

    Drop belt modular mount system and drop leg. 
  • Kydex 7

    Kydex sheath
  • Kydex 8

    Small kydex sheath for a Stoat
  • Kydex 9

  • Kydex 10

  • Kydex 11

    Kydex sheath in a pouch dropleg. This is modified from a dropzone tactical pistol holster. This dropleg is proven to be a good platform for a pistol and a knife. It does not stick out or wobble.
  • Kydex 12

  • Kydex 13

    Sheath for Commander #32.
  • Kydex 14

    See also Wolverine #14
  • Kydex 15

    See also Commander #32
  • Kydex 16

  • Kydex 17

    G-code sheath for Black Scout #16
  • Kydex 18

    Sheath for the Opo #28
  • Kydex 19

    Kydex sheath system for Commander #33
  • Kydex 20

  • Kydex 21

  • Kydex 22

  • Kydex 23

  • Kydex 24

  • Kydex 25

  • Kydex 26

  • Kydex 27

  • Kydex 28

  • Kydex 29

  • Kydex 30

  • Kydex 31

    Big Chief #8 kydex sheath.
  • Kydex 32

    Sheath for Saex #7.
  • Kydex 33

    Kydex sheath with Gear Skin fold-over for Commander #42.
  • Kydex 34

    Kydex sheath fold over with Gear Skin cloth covering and Black Hawk fittings.
  • Kydex 35

    Kydex splinter A sheaths for Commander #43  CP 18 cm blade
  • Kydex 36

    Kydex sheath for Commander #44 MK8