• Bobcat

    EDC or hunting knife in plain or Damast with 8 cm blade, optional file work or engraving
  • Stoat

  • Scout

    Scout 12-13 cm blade, comes in any of the blade shapessteel types or sheath types and is an outdoors knife. It can be coated or uncoated as the customer wishes. 

  • Black Scout Mini

    Black Scout Mini 12 cm blade, outdoors knife with options for blade, steel and sheath types.
  • Black Scout

    Black Scout 15 cm blade, modified drop point set blade shape with different options for steel and sheath types. See also in the Videos section "Blackscout review"and "Blackscout Knife Independent Testing" for independent evaluation. All the testing published on this site is done by independent persons, never by the maker himself. This is the official article published on Blackscout Survival which had to be taken down because of huge amounts of hate mail to Jack. 
  • Karacal

  • Opo

    Opo 13-14 cm blade outdoors knife, different options for blade shape, blade steel and sheath type. See also "Opo in action" in the Videos section.
  • Commander

    Commander 15-18 cm blade, different options for blade type, steel and sheath types. It is designed for outdoor use for various outdoor activities where a good and solid knife is necessary. This knife was originally proposed in an article for the Royal Marine Commandos in 2003. For more information read "A knife for life" in the Globe & Laurel. Since this time over a hundred Commanders have been made and delivered to customers all over the world. The commander is the backbone of which all my performance knives are built. 

  • Bushmaster

  • Fox

    Fox 14cm blade designed as an aircrew knife, modified spearpoint only with choice of steel type, comes with specialized flight vest sheath (see Fox 2).
  • Raven

    Raven 17-18 cm modified spearpoint blade shape with choice of blade steel and sheath an outdoors knife which has been used for over ten years. This is an article written about the "Stormdolk Raven"
  • Wolverine

    Wolverine 20-23 cm blade with set blade shape for better chopping, battoning and spliting with choice of steel and sheath type.
  • Big Chief

    Big Chief 25-35 cm blade is the largest of the performance knives, choices for blade shape, steel and sheath type.
  • Piggy

    PiggyTM D2 steel only skeleton knife.

  • Hog

    HogTM D2 steel only skeleton knife. See also the video "Hog review".
  • Razorback

    RazorbackTM D2 only skeleton knife.